Friday, March 2, 2012


Every so often a company impresses me and I want to take time to sing their praises here on my blog (yes, this is craft-related. :) )

A while back, I was looking for some DVD cases without the hub. My hope was to use them for background stamps or other large stamps. You can read my original blog post here. (I won't bore you!)

Well, anyway... fast-forward to a month ago when Papertrey Ink announced they're coming out with different packaging. This lead to the forum talking about various storage methods (at this current time PTI isn't stocked with DVD cases). I, along with others, mentioned sites we've used. I happened to mention how happy I was with the quality and customer service of More specifically, these DVD cases here.

Well, it seems there is a place on the site that asks how the customer heard about them...and the wonderful friends I have at the PTI forums mentioned my name.

Well, on February 24, I get an email from Lauren V. at Tapeonline saying that she's grateful for the business I've helped them get and she wants to send me a little goodie package. Well, today it came. :)

First off was this lunchbox. Let me say how this was the most exciting part of the goodies! :) I don't have an old-fashioned lunchbox like this so I was (and am) very psyched! :) Check it out:

Click image for larger version.

Inside it was the following:

Click image for larger version.

Haha...Fold & Play Speakers! I'm not sure what they are. But I'm a guy. I'll have fun figuring it out. ;)

And then some other goodies:

Click image for larger version.

So it was a very nice treat to find this on my porch this afternoon. :) That's real customer service... when a company goes out of its way to show me how grateful they are for any referrals. :) So thanks to Lauren and thanks to :)

(I should mention the quality of the cases is VERY good and I've heard that from fellow PTI forumers as well). They're a bit more than $1.00 when you factor in shipping and it's so nice they don't have the hubs to get in the way of your stamps.

Thanks for looking and/or commenting!

 Happily Ever Yours,


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